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Term & Conditions



• Reference to MMF means “Make My Foodie”, “Make My Foodie App.”, or “MMF Site”, as the case may be. • Food Supplier means and includes Chef, Caterer, Producer, Manufacturer or Restaurant. • Customer/ Client means the one who place order for food by making payment as notified by Food Supplier in its Menu. • Food means all types of eatables notified by Food Supplier in its Menu and includes the assured standard of service, if any.

Make My Foodie:-

• MMF is merely an information portal to reach to various Clients who will order food on Food Supplier(s) directly. MMF is a platform, which solely provides means of communication between users/ reviewers and Food Suppliers with access to the business page. Any agreement, express or implied, written or unwritten, as to the quality, quantity, rates etc of the Food shall be directly between the Food Supplier and the Client. MMF shall not be or deemed to be privy to any such agreement /arrangement/transaction. • MMF Site will be hosted on major internet search engines. • Adequate publicity / advertisement will be given to the MMF Site. • The Form for the enrolment of Food Supplier can be downloaded from the site. • The duly completed Form should be submitted on-line along with non-refundable annual subscription /enrolment fee of Rs. 1500/- valid for one year. • Flashing of Food Supplier’s advertisement will be charged extra. • MMF reserves the right to accept or reject the enrolment Form without assigning any reason what so ever. • Comments by customers on Food etc. will be displayed in the MMF Site. • MMF reserve the right, at any time and without prior notice and its sole discretion, to remove, block, or disable the access to any content that MMF, consider to be objectionable, in violation of the Terms or otherwise harmful to the service. • MMF collect the Supplier information through net, therefore it does not endorse same and MMF shall not bear any responsibility in this regard. • User reviews which MMF receive from various users do not reflect the opinion of MMF and MMF does not endorse the same. Each and every review posted on MMF Site is the personal opinion of the user / reviewer only. • MMF is a neutral platform and do not arbitrate the disputes. In case of any dispute between and/or amongst the Food Supplier(s) and Client(s) the concerned party shall resort the recourse outside the MMF platform and exempt and exclude MMF from such recourses. • In case of a notification of any contents which is objectionable by any person, MMF shall remove such content from MMF Site within 24 hours of receipt of a written communication in this regard from such person. In case of any dispute as to the removal of any contents as aforesaid, such disputes shall be decided/settled between the concerned persons and MMF shall not be liable to be proceeded with or to be impleaded therein. Removed contents shall be re-notified in the MMF Site only if MMF received No-Objection from the concerned persons or upon receipt of an order from a Court of competent jurisdiction or authority directing/permitting the notification of said content by MMF. • MMF reserves the right to change annual subscription /enrolment fee during and / or after agreement period. • MMF does not guarantee the prices listed in menu or the availability of the menu. • MMF has the rights to edit or amend the MMF App. And/or MMF Site as and when required at its sole discretion. • MMF may change the updates as and when required at its sole discretion.

Food Supplier

• Food Supplier shall provide the complete & correct profile and updated menu card. If there is any modification or alteration, Food Supplier shall notify the same in writing to MMF. • Food Supplier shall not give false information. • Food Supplier shall adhere to all relevant laws in regard to its business including the legally approved commercial practices governing the kitchen, delivery and the employees concerned and shall ensure that all requisite approvals, licenses, registrations, renewals etc as required under applicable laws and regulations are obtained and kept intact. • Food Supplier shall maintain complete hygiene in the kitchen and other concerned places where the food is prepared/preserved/stocked. • The Supplier shall ensure the periodical medical examination of its cooks as required by the law for not carrying any communicable / contagious disease. • No stale food item shall be used for cooking or delivery. • The quantity of food item supplied shall be clearly mentioned in the menu card. • Food Supplier shall be solely responsible for the quality and quantity of food item supplied. Any dispute with the customer on account of any one of them shall be dealt by Food Supplier directly and, in such cases, MMF shall not be responsible in any way. • If any miss-happening occurs to any person due to consumption of food supplied by you, you shall solely be responsible for all the correspondences legal and financial and you shall absolve us from this. • Timely performance of the statutory compliances and payment of all statutory taxes, cess or other charges etc. at all times shall be the sole responsibility of Food Supplier and the Food Supplier shall absolve MMF from any such claims. • It is Food Supplier’s responsibility to keep the prices updated. Any dispute with the client shall be dealt by Food Supplier directly without involving us. • All payments have to be settled with the customer/ client directly. Make my Foodie is not responsible for any financial transaction between you and the customer/client. • Food Supplier shall clearly mention the time for delivery of the food. • If certain food is not suitable for the customers of particular age/age group particular ailment etc., the Food Supplier shall mention the same clearly in its menu and directly to customer also. • In case of large orders, please mention correct delivery time required by you. In case order is placed well in advance, judge your delivery capacity. • In case a customer wants a specific food item which is not covered in your standard menu but you can supply, kindly settle the rates and delivery time directly with th customer without involving us. • Before taking any order, Food Supplier shall ensure if the customer is allergic to any oil, color, spice, essence etc. • In case any food item needs special storage conditions or handling, Food Supplier shall mention the same specifically and explicitly to the customer / client.

Customer / Client

• Customer/Client shall place order on the supplier directly on the given contact numbers. • MMF, is a means of contacting the Food Supplier. The quality of food, quantity and rates are of the Food Supplier and MMF are in no way responsible for any of the above. Any issue, difference or disputes has to be settled directly with the Food Supplier. • The taste of food varies from person to person. The food delivered is considering an average food taste. • Order once placed can be cancelled only after taking a confirmation from the Food Supplier. • All payments has to be settled with the Food Supplier directly. MMF is not responsible for any financial transaction between Customer/Client and the Food Supplier. • In case of allergy to any food, oil, spice, essence, odor, Colour etc please mention before placing an order. • It is the sole responsibility of the Food Supplier to honor the order and deliver the Food as per order. MMF is merely a conduit between Food Supplier and Customer/Client. We shall not be liable for any acts of omission or negligence or deficiency on the part of Food Supplier. • If any mis-happening occurs to any person due to consumption of food ordered & received by you, you shall directly deal with the Chef/caterer and “Make my Foodie” shall not be responsible for any consequences or liability what so ever. • The process of ordering food is simple:- Just click the food that the Customer/Client would like to order and place the order directly on the Food Supplier.


• In order to use the services, the User must first agree to the terms. the User can accept the terms by : Clicking to accept or agree to the terms, where it is made available to the User by MMF in the user interface for any particular service. In this case, User understand and agree that MMF will treat User’s use of Services as acceptance of the Terms from that point onwards. • The User hereby warrant that the User is aged eighteen (18) years or above and of sound mind and is fully competent to understand and agree the terms, conditions, obligations, affirmations, representations and warranties set forth in these Terms & Conditions and is otherwise competent to enter into valid contract in the form of this Terms & Conditions. • The User acknowledge and agree that if MMF disables access to User’s account, the User may be prevented from accessing the services, the account details and/or any files or other content, which is contained in User’s account. • MMF, reserves the right to change subscription and/or membership fee from a user, by giving reasonable prior notice, in respect of a product, service or any other aspect of this site anytime in future. • By creating an account, User agree to receive certain communications in connection with the Site or Services e.g. the User might receive comments or friend requests from other Users. User can opt-out or manage User’s preferences regarding non-essential communications through account settings.

Dispute Resolution

In case of any matters, difference or dispute by or against MMF with regard to this Terms & Conditions, and/or the interpretation or performance of all or any of the Clauses contained therein, the concerned parties will endeavor to settle such matters amicably between themselves. However, should they be unable to reach a settlement between themselves, the matter shall be settled finally by an adjudication by an independent Sole Arbitrator appointed by MMF and in accordance with the provisions of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, whose decision shall be final and binding on the parties. The arbitrator shall be MMF shall appoint the Sole arbitrator either by its own or within thirty (30) working days from the receipt of the notice by it from the other party for the appointment of the Arbitrator. The arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in the English Language and the venue of the Arbitration shall be New Delhi. The Courts in Delhi shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to deal with any matters, difference or dispute as to the Terms & Conditions, and/or the interpretation or performance of all or any of the Clauses contained therein.