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Q1: How to place an order?

A1: To place an order the customers can directly contact the supplier with the provided contact details.

Q2: How to make payments?

A2: Payments have to be settled with the food supplier directly.

Q3: How to enroll?

A3: Anyone who wants be associated with MMF, has to fill the enrollment form.

Q4: Can I edit or Change the menu?

A4: Yes, one can edit or change the menu by informing the MMF team by email.

Q5: Does this app/web work only in Delhi?

A5: No. it works all over India, one can enroll from wherever one is located.

Q6: Who will deliver the food?

A6: MMF does not deliver the food. However, it is mentioned in the chef’s/supplier's profile whether they can deliver the food or not. It is advisable to confirm with the supplier about the delivery of food at the time of ordering the food.

Q7: Can i advertise my profile and the product?

A7: Yes, one can certainly advertise his profile, but it is chargeable.